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Btrieve Error 100


I have completely formated my HDD and reinstalled my OS and peachtree 7.0 and restored from backup. If the pre-image file is erased or damaged, the MicroKernel cannot restore the file integrity. Refer to Advanced Operations Guide for information about recovering damaged files. This generally indicates a hardware memory problem. this content

For a Find Percentage operation that is seeking a percentage based on a record's physical location within the file, the specified record address is invalid. The workstation MicroKernel has a file open, and a client machine that has the Requester loaded tries to open the same file via the server MicroKernel. Also, pre-v6.x server engines return this status code if two separate files have different ACSs, but those ACSs have the same name. Recover the file according to the instructions in Pervasive PSQL User's Guide. 023: The position block parameter is not 128 bytes long This status code is obsolete in Btrieve language interface

Btrieve Error 161

Check BTI.CFG for file handle setting (/h: and /f:) and increase those values. Als u Google Groepsdiscussies wilt gebruiken, schakelt u JavaScript in via de instellingen van uw browser en vernieuwt u vervolgens de pagina. . The product key has already been authorized the maximum number of times allowed.

Valid key numbers are 0 through 118. 7: The key number has changed. To add an owner name, use either FILER (a NetWare text utility) or the NetWare Administrator graphical utility. Select an active OEM account, or contact Pervasive Support for assistance. 7452: OEM user is inactive The OEM user is no longer active. Btrieve Error 35 Refer to the Pervasive.SQL User's Guide for information about recovering damaged files. 44: The specified key path is invalid.

The product key has already been repaired the maximum number of times allowed. Btrieve Error 3006 To ensure file integrity, recover the file as described in the Pervasive.SQL User's Guide. 20: The MicroKernel or Btrieve Requester is inactive. The MicroKernel cannot open the pre-image file to restore file integrity. This error can occur if the system is unable to decrypt the key provided, or if after the key was decrypted the key no longer matches the key’s profile.

Because the Btrieve Message Router does not interpret the server name, the MicroKernel attempts to do so but cannot. Btrieve Error 2 You attempted to modify a bound file, and the RI definition for that file disagrees with the definition in the RELATE.DDF file. We have had a fair number of people here say to avoid Windows ME - it is notorious for having problems. Accounts within an OEM have a limited number of seats based on their contract with Pervasive Software.

Btrieve Error 3006

Decrease the number of locks that the application uses, or use the Setup utility to specify a higher value for the Number of Locks option. 82: The MicroKernel lost positioning. The descriptor (data buffer structure), which is passed for a Get Next Extended, Get Previous Extended, Step Next Extended, or Step Previous Extended operation, is incorrect. Btrieve Error 161 In this case, the MicroKernel returns this status code when it needs to add a page to the file, regardless of how much disk space is available. Btrieve Error 2301 The descriptor length (the first two bytes of the data buffer) on the extended operation call must be the exact length of the descriptor.

The application issued an End Transaction (20), End Nested Transaction (2020), Abort Transaction (21), or Abort Nested Transaction (2021) operation without a corresponding Begin Transaction (19 or 1019) or Begin Nested news In PCC, open the properties for the MicroKernel Router under Local Client. Verify that the length of the key buffer equals the defined length of the key specified in the key number parameter. 022: The data buffer parameter is too short The data For pre-v6.0 data files, there is a large pre-image file inside a transaction, and there is not enough disk space for a write to the pre-image file. Btrieve Error 11

Use the Setup utility to configure a higher value for the Maximum Databases option. The operating system returned an I/O error during the write. An application attempted to perform an Update, Insert, or Delete operation on an RI-controlled file that references another file. have a peek at these guys If the data file has RI definitions, the DBNAMES.CFG file must be in the location you specified using the Setup utility; you determine the location of DBNAMES.CFG by using the Database

An older version of the licensing component on the local machine can result in this status code being returned. Btrieve Error 20 Refer to the Pervasive.SQL Programmer's Guide for more information about RI. 69: The Delete operation specified a file that is damaged. See License Administrator Command Line Interface in Pervasive PSQL User's Guide. 7317: Deauthorizing a key requires an authorized key Deauthorization cannot occur because no key is available.

If the records' file is in v5.x format, this status code can indicate a file access conflict.

Occasionally, a corrupt key can cause this status code. A key segment data type is BINARY ("Use Old Style Binary Data Type" flag is "on") and the segment length is odd. 030: The file specified is not a MicroKernel file Join our site today to ask your question. Btrieve Error 22 It is helpful to know the following details regarding the MicroKernel's requirements for handles from the operating system.

The application encountered an error while the MicroKernel was attempting to enforce the Delete Cascade rule in response to a Delete operation. If it is, change it to read-write. Number of keys or key segments exceeds the permissible limit for the given file format and page size. http://hammerofcode.com/btrieve-error/btrieve-error-73.php The MicroKernel must be able to create a pre-image file.

To Enable Embedded Spaces in Pervasive.SQL 2000i or later: Start Pervasive PSQL Control Center (see "Starting PCC on Windows" on page 3-3 in Pervasive PSQL User's Guide). While using the MicroKernel Continuous Operation mode: You attempted to remove a file from continuous operation, but the file is not in continuous operation mode. If you receive this status code, either reduce the number of operations in the transaction, or obtain more disk space. Each key page in the file must be large enough to hold at least four keys.

Right-click MicroKernel Router then click Properties. OR You set the Create File Version value to v6.x, and you attempted to use one of the new Pervasive.SQL V7 data types, such as CURRENCY or TIMESTAMP. This can be the simplest and quickest solution for a network with light to moderate use. Try restarting the engine or services and try authorization again.

Version 5.x MicroKernels cannot read pre-image files created in v6.0 or later format. 043: The specified record address is invalid The MicroKernel returns this status code for the following reasons: The Pre-v7.x files do not support these key types.