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Btrieve Error 21


The CLOSE operation does not re-start transactions because Btrieve CLOSE operations can only be performed when transactions are not active. RandMark40'(RM40) has prepared a GILTS support-pack, and include herewith the basic BTRIEVE uitility's common error code solutions.Feel free to contact us for more information on GILTS data conversions into our KIS policy administration system.  Error# Returned as COBOL status: 9/068 The file is locked. Increase /w parameter. 212 Maximum index size has been exceeded 213 Read access error 214 Cannot change field rights while file has alter rights 215 Invalid lock flag 216 Maximum number this content

Replace the BTRIEVE file with its most recent back-up.  Note: users cannot work until the error has been addressed. 54 VARIABLE PAGE EDITOR: An unsuccessful attempt was made to access a variable length The key buffer parameter is too short. Does it use the Btrieve API or ODBC? Returned as COBOL status: 9/033 Btrieve cannot open the SQL data dictionary files.

Btrieve Error 161

Reload the Btrieve Requester and specify a higher value for the Message Buffer Size. However, Btrieve users do not require Fileshare Version 2 in order to implement transaction processing. If the re-positioning after the WRITE operation fails, an error is returned when the sequential READ is attempted. You can use this directive in combination with the FILETYPE directive.

Page 1 of 1 (4 items) Sort Posts: Oldest to newest Newest to oldest Previous Next 04-22-2003 4:06 PM [email protected] Joined on 04-23-2008 Posts 14 Error 21 with 8.1 Workgroup Engine Btr2xfh For Btrieve to Extfh call conversions. Sequential READ Operations After DELETE Operations For files opened I/O with random or dynamic access, the Btrieve file position indicator has to be moved to the position of the record to Btrieve Error 35 Note: Using write-locks does not guarantee that the reading position in the file is kept.

See the section Xfh2btr Configuration File for more details. BTRPAGE Environment Variable The BTRPAGE environment variable specifies the page size that is used when Btrieve files are created. Btrieve Error 3006 After performing the REWRITE operation, the file position indicator is restored to its original position, although this could fail if the record to re-position has been deleted. Returned as COBOL status: 23 The record has a key field containing a duplicate key value. All rights reserved.Unauthorized reproduction or linking forbidden without expressed written permission.

Returned as COBOL status: 9/040 Ensure that the setting of the BTRPAGE environment variable is correct. Btrieve Error 2 Returned as COBOL status: 9/077 This status should not be encountered by XFH2BTR as files are never extended. Line 7 shows an example of an operation (in this case, COMMIT) being performed on all open files. The [BtrieveA] parameter following the name defines the file as Btrieve format with ANSI emulation.

Btrieve Error 3006

Returned as COBOL status: 9/025 This error should not be encountered as XFH2BTR does not use the Chunk operations. Returned as COBOL status: ansi 85 status: 48 ansi 74 status: 9/148 The application opened a file in read-only mode and tried to perform an Insert, Update or Btrieve Error 161 The specified key flags are invalid. Btrieve Error 2301 So, you can have one key of 24 components, 24 keys of one component or any combination of these.

Btrieve cannot find the specified file. news Returned as COBOL status: 9/040 The application tried to read or write a record that is longer than the value specified for the size of the compression buffer. Desinstale y reinstale el programa. 2. An attempt is being made to write to a file which is opened for INPUT. 15.2 Handling COBOL Files from Btrieve The Btr2xfh call converter takes Btrieve I/O calls and converts Btrieve Error 11

The Pervasive Software requester software for use with the Btrieve interface is available from our Bulletin Board. With Btrieve versions prior to 6.1, this status code can indicate that the page size of the file being opened is larger than that specified in the Largest Page Size configuration Returned as COBOL status: 9/146 The position of the current record pointer must be re-established using a START or READ (random) operation. have a peek at these guys Returned as COBOL status: 9/033 Note that pre-image files are only used of file versions prior to v6.0 The application encountered an expansion error.

Ensure that the required extended file is available (extension files must be loaded on the logical disk drive specified when the extension was created). Btrieve Error 20 Another cause is that your application tried to open a v5.x format Btrieve file using a v5.x Btrieve engine, however that same file was previously accessed by a Btrieve v6.x engine, Returned as COBOL status: ansi 85 status: 35 ansi 74 status: 9/013 Note that you must have FILE SCAN access rights to the directory to where the file

Returned as COBOL status: 9/077 This error should not be encountered if using XFH2BTR.

I can run the same process from another w/s and not receive the error. Ensure that the version of Btrieve being used is 5.1x or above. This document and the proprietary marks and names used herein are protected by international law. Btrieve Error 22 Contact Pervasive Software for more information.

An attempt was made to perform an Insert, Update or Delete operation on a file that is flagged read-only to NetWare, DOS, Windows 95 or Windows NT. When you access a Btrieve file from within a transaction, a temporary exclusive lock is obtained on the file and so calls to the Btrieve run-time to detect record locks are The XFH2BTR module does not extend files and so that implies that the file was created outside of the COBOL system. http://hammerofcode.com/btrieve-error/btrieve-error-73.php If you are using the opcode 06 action-code for the Callable File Handler call interface, the record length returned is 1010 bytes.

If no file handler is specified, the default file handler, Extfh, is used. Returned as COBOL status: 9/040 The data buffer is too small. For details on operation codes see the chapter The Callable File Handler. The field offset is incorrect.

www.DacFlex.com Copyright © 2014DacFlex, Todos los derechos reservados. - 809-563-3232 - www.dacflex.com Skip to content Advanced search 21st Century Accounting Knowledge Base Board index Change font The position block parameter is not 128 bytes long. Xfh2btr takes Extfh format I/O operations and converts them to the equivalent Btrieve I/O calls.