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Ensure that you have sufficiant rights on the network If you tried to create files in the system utility in a module that the customer did not buy, the directory won't ugh. In Btrieve v6.x and later, concurrent transactions are used, so files can be shared in a transaction. This problem does not occur for files with sequential access because the file position indicator is already on the record to be deleted and so re-positioning is not necessary. this content

For full details on Btrieve, consult the Btrieve documentation supplied by Pervasive Software. Error code: 10050. 10-06-2008 08:10:31 W3COMSRV 00000CAC w3dbsmgr.exe COMP1 E WinSock bind() error=10050. 10-06-2008 08:10:31 MKDE 00000CAC w3dbsmgr.exe COMP1 I Error initializing the NetBIOS protocol. With Btrieve versions prior to 6.1, this status code can indicate that the page size of the file being opened is larger than that specified in the Largest Page Size configuration You may want to try swapping hardware components at the server or at workstations to see if different LAN cards make a difference.

Status 3 File Not Open

Debe tener por lo menos 32 MB de memoria RAM libre. 4. Close Reply To This Thread Posting in the Tek-Tips forums is a member-only feature. The default maximum record length to return on an opcode 06 call is 2000 bytes. Make sure that the field offset is a valid value (from 0 through the record length minus 1). 066: The maximum number of open databases has been exceeded This status code

You can put the FILETYPE Compiler directive at the top of your program as an initial $SET statement as follows: $set filetype"n" where n, in this case, can be either 5 Therefore, it is not possible for the reading position to be affected by normal WRITE operations. Record number 4 is now defined by the Current Record Pointer (CRP). Btrieve Error 11 Normally, the engine expects either a success or the file already exists.

Bits set in the file flags: variable length record data compression Bits set in the key flags: duplicates allowed key has another segment The modifiable flag is always set. If the problem occurs for every user on every workstation, that indicates the problem is most likely at the server level. For pre-v6.0 data files, there is a large pre-image file inside a transaction, and there is not enough disk space for a write to the pre-image file. Returned as COBOL status: 9/100 No cache buffers are available.

Returned as COBOL status: 9/039 if performing an OPEN operation 9/007 if performing a WRITE operation 9/033 if performing a different operation The file is not open. Btrieve Error 35 For example, the Btrieve Dynamic Link Library btrcalls.dll is called if the COBOL application is running on OS/2. Start by asking a few simple questions like: *"Does it occur for every user?," *"Does it occur on every workstation?," and *"Does it occur for every user on every workstation?" Because View the active files with the Monitor utility to examine whether this may be happening.

Btrieve Error 161

Sequential READ Operations After DELETE Operations For files opened I/O with random or dynamic access, the Btrieve file position indicator has to be moved to the position of the record to Number of keys or key segments exceeds the permissible limit for the given file format and page size. Status 3 File Not Open Workstation Attributes If any user gets Status Code 94 on one or a few workstations and those same users do not get the error on other workstations, that indicates component (.dll Btrieve Error 3006 Returned as COBOL status: 9/025 This error should not be encountered as XFH2BTR does not use the Chunk operations.

Specifying File Open Modes INPUT-EXCLUSIVE: open-mode INPUT-SHAREABLE: open-mode OUTPUT: open-mode EXTEND-SHAREABLE: open-mode EXTEND-EXCLUSIVE: open-mode I-O-SHAREABLE: open-mode I-O-EXCLUSIVE: open-mode These attributes can be used to change the Btrieve open mode that Xfh2btr news You may receive this error if you are running a general-release version of the V8 client software against a pre-release version of the V8 database engine. The attributes that can be specified after each tag section are outlined below. Are you aComputer / IT professional?Join Tek-Tips Forums! Btrieve Error 2301

If the file is extended, the MicroKernel requests an operating system handle for each of the extension files. Particularly, accessing a 7.x file with a 6.x engine causes this error. The default open mode for files opened I/O which are shareable is accelerated. have a peek at these guys It is therefore possible for a second user to access the file between the time the file is created and the time that it is opened.

Also, in the Windows environment, be sure that the Btrieve for Windows DLLs and WBTR32.EXE are on your PATH or in the top level of your Windows directory. Btrieve Error 2 A variable length record index file with a minimum record length of 1006 bytes and one key which allows duplicates creates a variable length record Btrieve file with a fixed record With Btrieve, if a record is locked, the data is not returned.

Have your application check for this status code and retry the operation if the status code is returned.

So, in addition to the network users having permission to the directories where the files being accessed reside, the 'System' user must also have 'full control' permissions. See the section Xfh2btr Configuration File for more details. BTRPAGE Environment Variable The BTRPAGE environment variable specifies the page size that is used when Btrieve files are created. A fixed length record index file with a record length of 1019 bytes creates a variable length record Btrieve file with a fixed record length of 1014 bytes. Btrieve Error 20 Also, if the file (in any format) is placed in Continuous Operation mode, the MicroKernel requests another handle for the delta file.

Other status codes, however, can be returned when unusual situations arise, and these are often not handled by the application. (These are more akin to true "error codes".) Instead, the application Under the Access properties category for MicroKernel Router, set Use Remote MicroKernel Engine to On (click the option). It is not possible to specify an owner name when using XFH2BTR to access Btrieve files. http://hammerofcode.com/btrieve-error/btrieve-error-73.php You should consult your NT documentation for specifics on the 'System' user.

The application attempted to perform a Write operation on a file that is flagged read-only by the operating system. The total number of key components in a file cannot exceed 255. Key Types The following points apply to keys when using Btr2xfh: Extfh has only one type of key. Btr2xfh For Btrieve to Extfh call conversions. The roll-in was designed in this fashion so that the file can still be used while the roll-in is occurring.

When using a 9.x or higher engine, you cannot perform a write operation such as insert or delete on a 5.x format file. 047: The number of files opened exceeds the Returned as COBOL status: 9/033 Btrieve cannot open the RI-referenced file. A data file put into continuous operations is locked from deletion through the relational interface and the transactional interface. Verify that the length of the key buffer equals the defined length of the key specified in the key number parameter. 022: The data buffer parameter is too short The data

Returned as COBOL status: 9/074 This error should not be returned using XFH2BTR as Extended operations are not used. When installing NT, you have the option to give the 'System' user rights automatically to all files or have the administrator specify them. The trace attribute can be specified under the [X2B-DEFAULTS] tag (in which operations to all files are displayed) or under a filename tag (in which operations to only a select few This file is in the WINNT\SYSTEM32 directory and raise the values.

Fixed length record Btrieve files consist of only the fixed length part. If you do not set BTRPAGE, or you specify an incorrect value, the page size defaults to 1024 bytes. The following lists the bits and fields set when using the Stat operation. To avoid receiving this status code, you must set a higher value for the number of databases that the MicroKernel can open.

Haga clic aquí para más información. Perform the same with NET2 while NET1 disconnected.