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Solution: If you have only a server engine installed and your Pervasive Event Log (PVSW.LOG) contains Status Code 3012 warning entries, perform thefollowing steps to 'Turn Off Local Engine Support' (for Select “Restart” when the window pops up. 5. What happens if you try to open the files using Function Executor? Access to the local engine is not possible because it is not loaded or could not be launched. http://hammerofcode.com/btrieve-error/btrieve-3012-error.php

All rights reserved. Check that mapped network drive connections to the server open without error. To resolve the problem, the Pervasive services can be started manually from the Windows "Services" utility on the fileserver, but a qualified network or IT technician should also make sure both WGE auto loads and open is successful.

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Solution 2: Repair the Btrieve Error 3012 and Restore Your Computer Manually Steps: 1. SQL•Installing and configuring Pervasive. When we logged into a server (but not the "main" server" where the Pervasive engine is located) and running terminal services via remote desktop, we received a status code 3012 when All of the files are on the server.Everything I have read seems to discuss local files and the workgroup engine.

It can be frustrating to deal with this computer issue, but it is not an error that will cause you to lose information nor does it mean there is a virus Check network connectivity between Client and Server Windward System Five uses a mapped network drive connection in order to communicate data between the client and server. Click “Next.” 11. Btrieve Error 35 A standard windows network should run Pervasive without any entries in the host file.

This file will need to be reviewed for correctness. Btrieve Error 3006 Choose “Turn off Computer.” 4. Identify the most recent restore point in the list for “Select a restoration date.” 10. You can receive this status code if you try to access a local file on a client and you do not have a Workgroup engine installed or if you try to

At the next window, choose “Restore my system to a previous date.” 8. Btrieve Error 2 The client Pervasive services were running (either the client PC's didn't lose power or they started up normally on re-boot) but the main server engine was not, and so the initial On subsequent logon attempts, the error code number might change from 3012 to 3103. THis can be a network issue.

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Review security software on clients and server to ensure Pervasive is not blocked. The following link is to a networking best practices document that will assist in explaining Windows networking setups. Btrieve Error 161 Try Free For 30 Days Suggested Solutions Title # Comments Views Activity SQL Group By Date where dates are staggered 12 100 76d MySQL Semi-Synchronous vs Synchronous replicaton when slave fails Btrieve Error 2301 You might also consider swapping out the NIC card in the problem machine, for example, with one you know is good.Nothing like long-distance trouble-shooting, is there?

Follow We highly recommend that accounting software users "follow" this blog via e-mail (enter your address and click on Submit below) or subscribe to a feed (see also below) as a http://hammerofcode.com/btrieve-error/btrieve-error-200-accessing-file.php You have a life-long customer RegUtilities thanks."Gina T. Database Error: 3012 or Database Create Error 3012 Topic T1144 Applies to All NEO Products Problem NEO reports a Database Error 3012 and will not start. The user has a Pervasive client-server version on a system that we have long supported. Btrieve Error 11

Click “Next.” 9. The link below will show a demonstration of the ping test. Make sure that the computer where your data files are located has Pervasive SQL installed, that the Pervasive service is running, that your firewall (if any) is not blocking the Pervasive http://hammerofcode.com/btrieve-error/btrieve-error-status-3012.php Reviewing the Windows host file Reviewing your DSN settings for TCP/IP network Check to ensure Pervasive Engine is running on the Server The Pervasive Engine on the server needs to be

They will also include general comments relating to troubleshooting PC/Windows/network problems and may also include reference to our other software products and projects including any of our various utilities, or to Btrieve Error 20 If you cannot get a program to open and receive this specific error, you can try these two steps and one of them should solve the problem. If it's off, turn it on, then stop and restart the Pervasive Services.

Then, restart the computer manually.

Click the Start Button. The link below will demonstrate how to use the Pervasive System Analyzer. All Rights Reserved. Btrieve Error 22 Cause These error codes imply that the Pervasive.SQL client could not communicate with the Pervasive.SQL server component on the target machine.A misconfigured network is often to blame here, whereby the hostname

End. We would nonethelss welcome your feedback/input in this regard. Why do users get a Btrieve error code: 3012 or 3103 when they try to logon to AutoEDMS? check my blog SQL 2000 For additional resources and information, you can go to the Service Accent Support Centre Click here to go to the Service Accent Support Centre Copyright © 2003-2016 Vantage Computing

Both comments and pings are currently closed. Comments are closed. « Perform BSOD Repair to Restore Your Computer Solve a Bttray Error with Simple Steps » *Free trial is limited Please Note: This article only discusses the Windows server environment, and there are other possible reasons for Btrieve error/status codes 3012 or 3103. Does the 3103 always happen? First, open the PCC, (Pervasive Control Center) select "Configure MicroKernel Router", select "Access", and make sure that "Use Local Engine" is on.

Solution In this case, you can force the correct IP address to be used even though your server's hostname is not configured correctly. Troubleshooting Pervasive 3012 / 3014 errors using FSCAN Ensure all computers have your Local Area Network (LAN) network addresses Ensure your LAN support the TCP/IP protocol. The Btrieve Error 3012 possesses the number code and the letter code where the memory regions are located, identifying instructions which are filled at the moment the error code appears. When the test operates correctly we will see 75 test messages sent via TCP/IP to the server computer.

Btrieve Error 3012 is the typical error message utilized by Windows and Microsoft-compatible software and hardware manufacturers. The process is SUPER easy and the results couldn't be better.