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Btrieve Error Code 22


The software is Windows 2003 with Pervasive 8 and is run through the Remote Desktop. This additional byte causes the actual length of the index to be one byte longer, or 256 bytes. In this case, Btrieve cannot open the file because the file�s page size exceeds the Largest Page Size configuration option. The DOS Requester's redirection table or server routing table is full. this content

Because the Btrieve Message Router does not interpret the server name, the MicroKernel attempts to do so but cannot. Client 2 is reading records from the same file and tries to update a record that the transaction inserted. Please post on the forum. The Btrieve NLM was loaded with too small a value for its /s (session) parameter.

Caseware Error Btrieve Code 22

Reload the Btrieve Requester, and specify a higher value for the Data Message Length (/D) option. Did your DDFs/data files come from a third party application? For the Create, Stat, and Create Index operations, the data buffer is not long enough to contain all the file specifications, the key specifications, and (if specified) the ACS definition.

This status code is obsolete in MicroKernel versions 6.0 and later. The MicroKernel then executed the Abort Transaction operation. 76: There is a conflict on the referenced file. This status code indicates that the related file has been damaged and must be recreated.

Refer to your database product documentation for more information on referential integrity and the Delete Cascade Btrieve Error 2301 When the same file is opened multiple times, the MicroKernel uses only one operating system handle.

You are running the v6.x or later MicroKernel with the Create File Version option set to v5.x, and you attempted to create a file with a NUMERICSA or NUMERICSTS key. Btrieve File Status 22 Close Box Join Tek-Tips Today! You have attempted to include two files that have the same name but different extensions in continuous operation. Unload the other TSR before unloading the MicroKernel.

If the application changes the value of the key number in the Delete or Update operation ( from the value returned by the preceding Get operation ), Btrieve will delete or Btrieve Error 11 The NetWare owner name for the file is no longer valid, and your application tried to insert or update records in the file, thus causing the file to expand. The application tried to access more than the maximum number of files allowed within a transaction. A Status Code 24 at this point may indicate an invalid data buffer parameter.

Btrieve File Status 22

Btrieve rejected the number of records specified by the reject count before a Get Next Extended, Get Previous Extended, Step Next Extended, or Step Previous Extended operation found the requested number Pre�image files are used only for files created by Btrieve versions earlier than v6.0, or v6.x if it was loaded with the Create Btrieve Files in Pre v6.x Format configuration option Caseware Error Btrieve Code 22 Btrieve error 22 (data buffer length overrun) The Data Buffer length was not long enough to accommodate the length of the data record defined when the file was created. - For Btrieve Error 161 Why did the One Ring betray Isildur?

Areas of chemistry requiring calculus Rejected by one team, hired by another. news The length of a binary key must be an even number. The MicroKernel returns this status code if an application tries to extend a file that has already been extended; you can only extend a file once. 32: The file cannot be Also, ensure that FILE.DDF and RELATE.DDF (if the file has RI definitions) are in the locations specified by the database's configuration. Btrieve Error 3006

Check all of you tables paying especially close attention to the tables in your query (or queries) and the system tables (those that start with X$). During an Update operation, an attempt was made to modify a key field that is defined as nonmodifiable. 11: The specified filename is invalid. You must specify a valid drive letter for the Pre�image/Lock File Drive configuration option. have a peek at these guys The number of keys specified for the page size is invalid.

If you have attempted an Insert operation on a file under RI control, you can receive this status code if a foreign key value in the record to be inserted does Btrieve Error 35 The MicroKernel cannot establish positioning based on a null key value. Server�based Btrieve returns this status code in one of the following situations: A wait lock bias is specified for an operation, but another user has locked the requested resource.

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The application attempted to perform a Write operation on a file that is flagged read-only by the operating system. On a machine that is running both a workstation MicroKernel and a Btrieve Requester accessing a client/server MicroKernel, ensure that both the workstation MicroKernel and the client/server MicroKernel are configured for What section(s) and settings should be in it? (I know very little about Btrieve.)In my WIN.INI file there is a Btrieve entry that reads: "Options=/m:40 /p:4096 /f:16 /l:20 /t:btrieve.trn". Btrieve Error 2 The time now is 11:21.

By default, the Setup utility turns on the Client Engine Usage option. For a Find Percentage operation that is seeking a percentage based on a record�s physical location within the file, the specified record address is invalid. If remote clients attempt to access (Get/Step) or modify (insert, update, or delete) the shared file, Btrieve for Windows v6.15 returns this status code. check my blog To reinitialize Btrieve, close all files, end/abort all transactions, and call WBTRVSTOP ( ) before calling the initialization function. 1017: Btrieve requester is unable to find the resource file WBTRVRES.DLL.

For pre-v6.0 MicroKernels, extension files must be loaded on the logical disk drive specified when the extension was created. The MicroKernel did not perform the Update or Delete operation because of a record-level conflict. The pre�image file is out of disk space. Mirtheil Software Certified Pervasive Developer Certified Pervasive Technician Custom Btrieve/VB development http://www.mirtheil.com I do not answer questions by email.

The operating system returned an I/O error during the write. When using the Get By Percentage operation, either the value supplied for the percentage is too high � that is, it exceeds 10,000 decimal (0x2710) � or the file contains no Valid key numbers are 0 through 118. 7: The key number has changed. Check the validity of both the drive and the pathname. 36: The application encountered a transaction error.

This status code, returned by Btrieve v6.0 and later, indicates one of the following possible situations: A Get Direct/Chunk operation has specified an offset beyond the end of the record, either If the records' file is in v5.x format, this status code can indicate a file access conflict. In the server�based Btrieve environment, or in the DOS or OS/2 client�based Btrieve environments, either use the RECOVER command in the Btrieve Maintenance utility to retrieve the damaged file�s data records The key number must correspond to one of the keys defined for the file.