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The handles allocated to client applications are limited by memory. (Older types of handles that are allocated to DOS applications using the DOS requesters are limited 65,535.) 087: The handle table This FAQ list details the primary causes and provides some relief! 161 Pervasive returns a Status 161 to indicate that you have exceeded your license count. If the database engine cannot allocate memory for a Btrieve handle, then the application may receive a status 87. NOTE: Previously, accessing a 6.x file with a 5.x engine returned Status 2: "the application encountered an I/O error". 031: The file is already extended This status code is obsolete in this content

To check this setting go to control panel\network\protocols\NWlink IPX compatible transport. The file structure of a pre-image file created by this MicroKernel is different from the file structure of a pre-image file created by a v5.x MicroKernel. If the file is in v5.x format, the MicroKernel might request a second handle, for the .PRE file. In addition, consider status code 87: The handle table is full.

Btrieve Error 161

BSERVER was Sign In × Close Why do you want to report this? TcpMaxDataRetransmissions Key: Tcpip\Parameters Value Type: REG_DWORD - Number Valid Range: 0 - 0xFFFFFFFF Default: 5 This parameter controls the number of times TCP will retransmit an individual data segment (non connect You set the Create File Version value to v9.0, and you attempted to use one of the new Pervasive PSQL v10.10 data types, such as GUID. When answering questions, write like you speak.

When installing NT, you have the option to give the 'System' user rights automatically to all files or have the administrator specify them. Refer to Advanced Operations Guide for more information about RI and the Delete Cascade rule. 071: There is a violation of the RI definitions If you attempted an Insert operation on See Create Index (31) in Btrieve API Guide, which is part of the Pervasive PSQL Software Development Kit (SDK). Btrieve Error 35 You can access the Knowledge Base at the Pervasive Software website. 003: The file is not open The operation cannot execute because the file is not open.

Check the amount of free space on the scala volume. First, make sure your system is equipped with the latest workstation drivers , as well as the latest LAN card drivers from your LAN card manufacturer. UNC conventions do not work. The application tried to access more than the maximum number of files allowed within a transaction.

Occasionally, a corrupt key can cause this status code. Btrieve Error 2 In key-only files, you receive this status code if the record is moved in the file b-tree after being read and before being updated or deleted. You set the Create File Version value to v5.x, and you attempted to create a file with a NUMERICSA or NUMERICSTS key. Otherwise, the application might enter a deadlock situation with another transaction.

Btrieve Error 3006

This loads the appropriate file for clients running Windows 32-bit operating system. This status code indicates that the application encountered a directory error. Btrieve Error 161 Make sure a local MicroKernel is available and loaded. Btrieve Error 2301 example: F:\scala\client\setup.exe.

Return to top Status 5 This status code indicates that the MKDE cannot update the record because the record has a key field that contains a duplicate key value. news This error will not occur at design time during development. Restart your computer to allow restoration to take place. A key segment data type is CURRENCY or TIMESTAMP and the segment length is not 8. Btrieve Error 11

The audits can them be reviewed and should provide information on what permissions need to be adjusted to resolve Status Code 94. Use the Clear Owner operation to remove the previous owner before specifying a new one. 051: The owner name is invalid The MicroKernel returns this status code for the following reasons: This is because the 32-bit requester always uses the username used to log in to the preferred server or into the workstation to verify whether or not the client has the have a peek at these guys Is it happening on all workstations, or only some of them?

The links below are for Btrieve error codes. Btrieve Error 20 Make sure that the field offset is a valid value (from 0 through the record length minus 1). 066: The maximum number of open databases has been exceeded This status code DDL Services has a known bug that causes the system table to be populated with incorrect data. .

Microsoft suggests to use the REGEDT32.exe tool and navigate to the following location: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\LanManServer\Parameters\ Add the following value: Value Name: MinClientBufferSize Data Type: REG_DWORD Data: 500 Radix: Decimal Microsoft has a

Pre-v6.0 workstation MicroKernels return this status code when the number of files opened in Accelerated mode exceeded the number of buffers available in the MicroKernel cache. Error: "Problem encountered in opening database: 002 - An error occurred during disk read/write." Error occurs during the ManageWise 2.1 Console installation, at 85% the following message is returned. It always reserves five empty buffers for index manipulation. Btrieve Error 22 For the transactional interface, the maximum number is 204 for a page size of 4,096, and 420 for page sizes 8,192 and 16,384.

If the DBNAMES.CFG file is defined for a Workgroup engine, make sure that the drive letters are the same (and map to the same locations) as specified in DBNAMES.CFG. fix Delete or rename all WBTR*.* files in the C:\WINDOW\SYSTEM directory. Without any pattern of occurrence, you may receive a status 85 when the file is closed because Anti-Virus software opens and locks the file to scan causing the next database operation check my blog However, the MicroKernel could not open the MicroKernel data dictionary file FILE.DDF, or the configuration file (DBNAMES.CFG).

Retry the operation. The application should reread the record prior to resending an Update or Delete operation. See "Viewing Active Files" on page 11-6 in Advanced Operations Guide. PRODUCTS | SERVICES | TRAINING | SUPPORT | DOWNLOADS | ABOUT US Goldstar Software Inc. | 3007 Carmel Dr | Flossmoor IL 60422 Legal Statements | EULAs | Uninstall |

When using the Get By Percentage operation, either the value supplied for the percentage is too high—it exceeds 10,000 decimal (0x2710)—or the file contains no records. If you are accessing files on a DOS client: A NET START FULL for the Windows for Workgroups workstation was not used when it was booted into DOS. You attempted to change the value of a foreign key to a value that does not exist for the defined primary key. Change the setting to "off" if your applications do not allow embedded spaces in file names.

The following condition applies to the Btrieve Create Index API operation. One file is open and in Continuous Operation mode, causing the MicroKernel to generate a delta file (for example, INVOICE.^^^). You can access the Knowledge Base at the Pervasive Software website. 004: The application cannot find the key value The MicroKernel cannot find the specified key value in the index path. Unload the other TSR before unloading the MicroKernel.

In an attempt to create a Btrieve file over existing Btrieve file, this status will be returned.