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This can happen if the locomotive isn't making good electrical contact or if there's a wiring fault in the locomotive. 302 - programmer busy The command station has reported that it's KB135 DB200+ - Troubleshooting Heat Shutdowns If the DB200+ booster shuts down frequently: 1. This is by far the most common error message when people first start using JMRI. E43 - Not for this country DSTV doesn't have the rights to broadcast this channel in your country, which is why it cannot be viewed. http://hammerofcode.com/decoder-error/decoder-error-windows-media-center-message.php

The address will begin to flash in the display.3. Using DecoderPro How do I set up to program a decoder? All Rights Reserved. KB844 Zephyr - Programming Error Messages When you are programming decoders, there are a few error messages you may encounter.There are many causes for these error messages but most can be

Cisco Error Message Decoder

In this case you will see “o”s walking across the display from left to right. When your layout is wired correctly and LocoNet is operating properly, the NET indicator will be on and it will flicker off any time a good LocoNet message is detected by Once those 22 slots are full the system will display the “slot=max” message to let you knot that you need to release some locos if you want to select and run

If the error is still present, contact the DSTV Call Center E38 - Service not running SOLUTION: Check that all cables from the satellite dish are securely connected to the correct Use these resources to install and configure the software and to troubleshoot and resolve technical issues with Cisco products and technologies. KB318 DCS100 - CMOS Battery Replacement When you hear 7 beeps when power is applied to your DCS100, you need to replace the CMOS battery. Dstv Decoder Error This is normal and you should not be alarmed.

Slide the gray front panel off ... Cisco Error Message Decoder Tool For more information, see the system configuration chapter and descriptions of the logging console and logging monitor commands in the appropriate Cisco IOS configuration guide and command reference publications. Correct the short circuit condition and the booster will resume normal operation. 2. http://www.e18error.com/full_list_of_DSTV_error_codes.html SEVERITY is a single-digit code from 0 to 7 that reflects the severity of the condition.

E44 - No PG status is available This channel or programme is blocked for viewing. Wmc Decoder Error The number of slots is the number of locomotives that the command station can support in operation at a time. E07 Checking Smartcard - The decoder is checking the Smartcard. SOLUTION: Check that there are no outstanding payments on your account.

Cisco Error Message Decoder Tool

This usually means that some other part of the DCC system is doing a programming operation, e.g. Check to see if the track is clean and the ... Cisco Error Message Decoder Operators failing to zero the speed of unused ... Decoder Error 8118 Information on these Option Switches is included in each command station's manual.Be sure that you are changing the correct Command Station Option Switches as the unit can be crippled by closing

E76 - Your second TV service is not enabled. Get More Info Site hosted by: This page may be out of date. Log into an Existing Account User Name Password Forgot your user ID and/or password? Check the electrical connections to the programming track, and also within the locomotive. 310 - Sequence Error For some reason, the programming operation ended early and the command station returned to Decoder Error Codes

Occasionally you may need to override this interlock to gain control of a loco. I then checked the two wires coming from the DCS100 and they did not have any readable signal. This is informational only and is normal. 4 Beeps Booster short circuit shutdown. http://hammerofcode.com/decoder-error/decoder-error-video-decoder-has-either-malfunctioned-not-installed.php If the value in the CV doesn't match the expected value, this message is issued.

How do I fix it?How can I avoid the error message while downloading apps and games in a Nokia Lumia 520?Why does YouTube play the next video before completion of the Be1 Decoder Error If the DB200+ beeps 4 times and shuts down briefly and then comes back on again, it is probably being run too close to its pre-set current limit. Press Menu, then 4 to check your Mail Messages, and if you have a payment notification from DSTV, then you need to make a payment before the service can be reactivated.

When the available slots are filled with decoder addresses, trying to select another locomotive address to run generates the"slot=max" error code.When all the slots are full you can't select anotheraddress until

Please contact the DSTV Call Centre for assistance. These messages begin with a percent sign (%) and are structured as follows: %CARD-SEVERITY-MSG:SLOT %FACILITY-SEVERITY-MNEMONIC: Message-text CARD is a code that describes the type of card reporting the error. Fault Alarm. 6 Beeps Command station already present in system. Cisco Error Message Interpreter Home FAQs Legal-IP About Us Help Desk Terms of Use Privacy Policy Website Changelog © Copyright 2016 Digitrax, Inc.

Once the short is cleared, the DCS50 will resume normal operations. MSG is a mnemonic that indicates that this is a message. This page lists the error message that can result, and describes what they mean. http://hammerofcode.com/decoder-error/decoder-error-video-decoder-has-malfunctioned-not-installed.php In case you have useful information on any of the error codes and repair methods, please let us know: E04 Please insert smartcard - Your smartcard might have been inserted

The OFF LINE indicator will also be lit when there is no track status. KB320 DCS100 - Net Indicator The NET indicator is a red LED that displays information about what the DCS100 sees on LocoNet. DZ123PS - 1 Amp Economy Mobile Decoder, 2 Functions, DCC Medium Plug on Short Harness DZ123Z0 - Board Replacement Decoder for American Z Line (AZL) GP-30 Diesels and others. How do I Reset Everything in my Locomotive?

KB325 DCS100 - Track Status Indicator The TRACK STATUS indicator shows that there is voltage on RAIL A & RAIL B terminals. See Clearing your Command Station's Mobile Decoder Slots below for how to prevent this from happening.The DCS100 Command Station/Booster that is included with Super Chief Xtra andother ... If you see 8 blinks every 4 seconds then we recommend that you change the DCS100 Option Switch 05 to closed. KB267 Super Empire Builder- DB150 Beeps 5 Times If the DB150 beeps 5 times and shuts down briefly and then comes back on again.

If the error is still present, contact the DSTV Call Center E42 - Parental Control PIN Blocked SOLUTION:This happens if you've set your parental control levels, but have forgotten your PIN Note: To steal or dispatch another loco, you must unplug the UT4 and repeat the above sequence. To Release Locomotives 1. Table 1 lists the severity levels.

KB661 DT400 Slot=Max Error Message Does your throttle say slot=max ?This means that the system's capacity to handle operating locos is full. When two command stations are operating on the same system, you may experience unexpected results. 7 Beeps DCS100/200 CMOS battery low ... E75 - LNB2 Overload SOLUTION:The TV2 LNB has a problem. Then switch the decoder off, wait for 10 seconds, then switch it on again.

A Red Status light means the loco is ... KB373 LNRP - Installation & Operation Installation: Figure 1 shows the general arrangement for connecting one or more LNRP's to configure a LocoNet based system for operation. KB375 Super Empire Builder & Slot=max If your throttle says "slot=max", this means that the Super Empire Builder's capacity to handle operating locos is full. Additional information on copyright, trademarks and licenses is linked here.

Then switch the decoder off, wait for 10 seconds, then switch it on again.