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Bosch Washer Dryer Error Code F04


I have an F-05 error on my Ultima WT 960, 10 yrs plus - not 10/2/2016 10/2/2016 Daniel T. I promise to pass on the blessings.

Thank you. HELP! We twisted very hard. http://hammerofcode.com/error-code/bosch-washer-dryer-error-code-e01.php

One thing more however, if your door is in the locked position, there's a lever on the right side in that opening that you pull down and it will unlock the How do I correct err 04? It is beeping?

My simpson Eziset 750 wont spin after draining. The hardest part, honestly, was getting the white circular plate off to gain access to the whole thing in the first place.

Bosch Washing Machine F04

Help someone Are you good at fixing things? Thank you. # posted by Anonymous : 18 July, 2016 12:55 Thanks for your useful advice, i followed your instructions to the letter cleaned out the pump put everything back Advertisements Important Attempting repairs can be dangerous. If the error code is a F04, then it means that you have a motor fault.

SO, question is whether "replace pump" is the right answer again (and if so, is there a more robust version?) or whether we need to look for something else. matt November I restarted the cycle but the error reappeared. This will teach me to use my lingerie bag...my commando thong was apparently making a break for it unsuccessrully!

That is too funny!!!

Worked like a charm! Bosch Washing Machine Error Code 3 But unless you can cope with 10 litres of detergent-laden water all over the floor, first you need to drain most of the water from the machine.

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I have managed to solve the F04 issue with my Bosch washing machine. Or maybe the plastic is binding, did you try lubrication with silicone grease (available in the faucet repair aisle) - a little bit goes a long way as far as lubing Removing the screw will allow you to remove the pump from the body of the machine, and that makes it easier to remove the two pipes that fit onto it (spring I am glad this post was helpful.

Put the black cover back on and tighten. Bosch Washing Machine Error Code E Thanks again. # posted by Grateful Steve : 24 February, 2016 18:09 Thank you, thank you, thank you!! Actually, I had to go elsewhere to find information on removing the cover. F04 - Drainage pipe and/or drainage hose blocked - Clean drainage pipe and/or drainage hose

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Bosch Washing Machine Error Code E12

Pieces of paper in the impeller was the cause but lots of gunk, bobby pins,and coins in the bottom. I continue to be amazed at the stuff that people are finding. Bosch Washing Machine F04 Hiya,The filter is at the bottom front of your appliance.It may need a plastic cover removing to access it.If you can post the actual model number (3 letters and then some Bosch Washing Machine Error Code E01 It certainly is in Silicone Valley.

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One little tip I'd like to mention is that when cleaning the
inside use a spray bottle of white vinegar and paper towels to remove
debris. weblink I am glad this 'ible helped. We check the pump - nothing blocking impeller. Also 4 lights flashing. Bosch Washing Machine Error Code E3

Thank you SO MUCH! Read the other posts. I though maybe I was too used to the smells and have changed the brand of detergent but still no smell. http://hammerofcode.com/error-code/bosch-washer-dryer-error-code-e13.php I know :o( You may get away with wrecking it out with a screwdriver and bodging it up with mastic or something while you wait for the new pump. -- Bob

Ask Loading...Oops :Please try again. Bosch Washing Machine Error Code E17 Btw one if my wife's small socks made from that sheer stocking material had found it's way out of a washing bag into the impelor.

It made me chuckle to imagine My smeg fridge freezer has defrosted by itself and is not 10/2/2016 10/2/2016 Daniel T.

then started having suds problem again.

The repair business must be really good to have to schedule an appointment 2 weeks in advance! "Hello?, Three weeks from now my fridge is going to go in the blink. You may or may not need some silicone grease to lube the sump cap. (I did not need any.) If you have water in the drum of the machine, you will Question about Hotpoint Washing Machines 1 Answer Hotpoint wt965 f04 error hotpoint wt965 f04 error hi i have the above machine and it has come up with a f04 code on Bosch Washing Machine Error Code E13 The access for the drain pump is behind the circular access panel on the bottom right ... 2 Step 2: Removing the sump coverThe black cover covers the sump for the

Level 3 Expert 55428 Answers Are you a Bosch Washing Machine Expert? But water still leaking from the front. I called Bosch with no help, they will
not let your talk to anyone with technical knowledge of the washer, I wanted to
know what caused the “suds” part of the his comment is here Pull down the flap at bottom right hand corner, look for black flexible hose (approx 1cm diameter) with rubber plug in the end.

I was also surprised how much water there was, and it took several trips with our medium size shop vac to get it all out. You can email the site owner to let them know you were blocked. The cycle completed without another F04 showing. Check the pressure switch and associated wiring , also check the ...

You may wish to check first that the machine is empty of water: pull out the flexible tube just to the left of the drain impeller cap and pull the rubber When I take the sump cover off I have no basket. The ingenuity of our clothing continues to amaze me.

Thank you so very much. The more detail and information you provide in your question the easier it is for others to help you.

I think Bosch site had a very basic video. What was caught in your pump? An unfamiliar series of beeps from the washing machine interrupted my football couch potato session. Fault find Click here to fix Chevrolet products.

My impeller was jammed up with a paperclip. Followed and removed the pipes from the pump after I originally couldn't find anything and found a 5p blocking. # posted by Anonymous : 14 October, 2013 11:17 Thank you!!!WFX160 John sigsworth January 2012 This is too late to be of use to the original poster but might help others ....