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I put it #5 and there is no change. Maybe 50 degrees. So I look up the code and it didn't make sense it was a fuel pump code. My engine is not just throwing codes, it is really badly misfiring. this contact form

Or is the clock just wrong on my car? MarcW - 5 years ago warms up and the symptoms of a bad coil may not appear for a while.Also, remember the predicament Ford (any automaker) is in. Haven't had the problem you did. It runs really, really rough.

P0300 Error Code Dodge Caravan

While I am doing this diagnosis, the car started to also show code P1502. However, the cost though is something to consider. that linked helped a bunch and really gave me some confidence that maybe o2 sensor was the culprit and not something bigger.. The other parts, I don't know unless they are routinely change with the plugs by the dealer (doubt it).

It is very likely that your question has already been answered countless times.Very,very likely. ******************************* ******************************* Cayman S - a portable amusement park - 2006 Cayman S - 2003 Dakota SXT Only thing to note is that about a year ago the air scoop flap under the engine came off on the drivers side. i'm going to try changing out the sparks plugs and go from there, any suggestions please? 08-20-2011, 04:29 AM #4 Johnny Danger Registered User Join Date: Nov P0300 Error Code Chevy Silverado The old plugs thread flanks very clearly show abrasion and corrosion in spots.

So it shows #2 and #5 most of the time, so it isn't just on one side. P0300 Error Code Vw Passat We brought the car home and my husband (a mechanic) replaced all the coils using parts from Pelican, and he cleared the CEL. I changed the spark plugs and new coils connected everything and got the misfire message. Same codes for the same cylinders.

This happened after 10 miles of highway cruising. Lexus P0300 Error Code I seriously doubt it's fuel delivery-related, as that would affect both banks equally. I did see some flakes. hours counter: 1178.6 ---- h OBD II code P0305 Freeze frame O2 sensing, bank 1: Control, start condition not met 02 sensing, bank 2: Control, start condition not met Load: 9.8

P0300 Error Code Vw Passat

This scan tool will also allow you to monitor cam to crank timing, which would confirm or deny my suspicion.Please let me know your thoughts.ThanksJason Ask Your Own UK Car Question One option is to hook the car up to a diagnostics unit and monitor for misfires while running the engine and spritzing it with water at the coil packs. P0300 Error Code Dodge Caravan Long shot I admit. P0300 Error Code Nissan Maxima It took about 8 gallons.

But after some research, for the e-gas cars, it is a bad throttle code. weblink Shut her down, check the oil cap and retighten, and restarted it, CEL still solid lite, but the car idled fine, and no misfire was felt. The first time the fault is recognised, the fault erasing counter is set to 80. I don't think that in either case yours or mine the shop did a real diagnosis, they just took a look, yep, the coils. P0300 Error Code Jeep Wrangler

More so since your last one was over 2 hours b/f the misfire. Ask Your Own UK Car Question Customer: replied3 years ago. Hi JasonDurametric shuts down when I try to get actual values- agghhhhhI have been able to read the following faults though.Motronic 5.2.2Current Fault Codes P0300 Factory Fault Code 75 - Misfire navigate here If one or more cylinders have sub-par compression you can change coils and plugs until the cows come home but the engine ain't going to get any better.

IOWs, well if these experts are right even if the coil was ok to begin with the handling may compromise the coil and then you may be misled into believing something Error Code P0300 Toyota If the fault healing counter has reached the value 0, the fault is considered to be healed. I scratched my head and wondered how you could run with 4 failed coils and he laughed.

E10 is what's being sold...

Northwest Region U.S. Started it up drove it out of garage onto driveway, and let it idle to warm while I run in the house to wash hands etc. Took the car to the dealer and they said the problem was that the plugs were not correctly torqued down. Error Code P0300 Gmc Midwest Region U.S.

It runs like it is down 2 cylinders. Esp. I'm only into the car 4 hrs. http://hammerofcode.com/error-code/deb-error-code-256.php hours counter: 1178.6 ---- h OBD II code P0300 Freeze frame O2 sensing, bank 1: Control, start condition not met 02 sensing, bank 2: Control, start condition not met Load: 9.8

I am hoping a valve didn't fail. Glad to update that after 1k miles in (13 straight hours yesterday to bay area, then 6 straight hours today to Irvine), the issue hasn't occurred again. Hope you all had a great Christmas! 0 Share this post Link to post Share on other sites Zmonsta    0 Contributing Member Contributing Members 0 8 posts Posted December 26, considering that I have had an AOS-like tailpipe smoking problem (new AOS did not fix it) and maybe something(s) got fouled.Reply Quote Go BackI do not like swapping plugs around.

It runs like it is down 2 cylinders. Last edited by SY987CS; 12-09-2007 at 09:16 AM. But even though who wants to be at the engine off and on doing one coil at a time?Sincerely,MarcW.Reply Quote Go BackSwap and troubleshoot to see which coil or plug is And the frequency is only 1.

My 2006 Cayman threw a misfire code literally 1 day into ownership (by me). I'm stuck and don't know what to do, any suggestions? Or sign in with one of these services Sign in with Microsoft Sign in with Facebook Sign in with Twitter Sign in with Google Sign Up All Content All Content This If the fault has triggered the Malfunction Indicator Light (MIL) then the latter is switched off as long as it is not triggered by any further faults.

Then after it got warmer it wasn't an issue. I had a similar problem with my car, that went away. After two days of trying to figure out what the problem was, reluctantly made a appointment with the dealer. I had it towned to Autobahn, they charge med ~$500 for the tow and for doing engine tests before they said I should take it to the dealer.

I was thinking that maybe only one cylinder was "bad", that the misfire on one was triggering or causing a sympathetic misfire at the other but the firing order as best What else would cause the misfires and not other codes? If the IMS has not failed yet the motor can probably be saved. So one goes to the trouble and expense of replacing the old and bad plug with a new one yet the full benefit of this change is not realized because the

Sign in here. If the fault recurs a specific number of times, the code will then mature into a diagnostic trouble code (DTC) and the MIL or “check engine” light will turn on.