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Canon Powershot A530 Memory Card Error Card Locked


I 7/2/2016 7/29/2016 Louie I have a cybershot DSC-HX300 that is flashing a code of 6/16/2016 6/16/2016 Russell H. Love, ElineEline KerpelsThu, 04 Jun 2009 12:20:33 +0000 hiafter downloading my pic from a memory card,while replacing it in the camera it say " memory locked'. THANK YOU guyssarahFri, 13 Aug 2010 14:57:49 +0000 Brown packing tape over the lock switch area worked great for me. I've used memory cards for years and never knew there was a switch on them. news

Kate Mon, 29 Jan 2007 11:09:22 -0800 That means your device (digital camera?) is broken. This did not happen until I put the card into my TV to view photos. A LIL HELP WOULD BE NICE!NikionaTue, 29 Jan 2008 06:05:09 +0000 Hi, I have Cannon PowerShot SD500 camera and my SD card card Ultra II 1G keeps saying its locked. Take a look at the "Photo Storage Solution" article on this site.Chieh ChengSat, 27 Dec 2008 09:24:57 +0000 YOU hElPED ME ALLOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!annieThu, 01 Jan 2009 03:21:08 +0000 2 things that might

Canon Powershot A530 Memory Card Size

LOG IN TO REPLY ColinUKColinUKMember149 postsJoined Oct 2007South London, UKMore infoJun 17, 2013 02:01|#5suesue wrote in post #16037392Hmmm....interesting. i solve it within seconds. I have DS126071 that 7/12/2016 7/13/2016 Richard I can't find where to put an SDcard .on my Nikon P610.

the Huntington Beach surf shack with the wall mount A/C that never worked-Orange County) I'm cheap! It started giving me a message of "Memory Card Error". user-manual-PowerShot... Canon Powershot A520 Memory Card Cathy R.

Try a different card. Canon Powershot A530 Review I found a camera in my bathroom? Thanks for posting that suggestion! :)ElysiaWed, 18 Aug 2010 23:23:58 +0000 i feel like a idiot, I have a cheapish micro sd adapter, and the tab kept coming out, i thought Attached Image: Picture 0821.jpg EmmyWed, 24 Sep 2008 01:16:17 +0000 this works, thanks for writing this upjoeSat, 27 Sep 2008 23:52:23 +0000 HAHA THIS WEBSITE JUST BLADY SAVED MY LIFE I

Question about Canon PowerShot Digital Cameras 1 Answer Saying memory card error card ...memory card error card locked! How To Unlock Canon Memory Card the mechanical sensor in the camera was jammed. The tab doesn't do anything to the card itself. This rendered my camera useless since I could not take any pictures, no matter what SD card I used.SOLUTION:The solution to my problem had to do with the card locked sensor

Canon Powershot A530 Review

I just put two layers of scotch tape and it is writable again now! Attached Image: locked.jpg OC_Surfer_ChickFri, 27 Jun 2008 04:33:49 +0000 i downloaded my photos on the computer then when i detached it to delete the photos the camera says "Card locked!", how Canon Powershot A530 Memory Card Size Please????ChrisMon, 27 Oct 2008 22:37:40 +0000 I had the same problem- the lock slider on the SD adapter came off and it kept showing the micro memory card as locked- I Canon Powershot A540 Memory Card Thanks for the information.SandraThu, 03 Dec 2009 02:27:34 +0000 I have a Canon A650 that was displaying a "card locked!" message.

So I had a panic attack and was on the verge of going out and buying a new card; hoping it will fix it, which it would have.. http://hammerofcode.com/memory-card/canon-powershot-memory-card-error-card-locked.php i didn't even know you could do that... This card comes with a life time MaxRam warranty. If you can't even read it, then the card is bad, or your readers are bad. Canon Powershot A630 Memory Card

i put a piece of tape onmy memory card and it fixed the problem!!!!CeciliaSat, 18 Apr 2009 15:47:46 +0000 Thank you so much!Felt soo stooooopid afta i had done it! Then describe the problem fully with camera model information.Chieh ChengMon, 14 Jan 2008 01:55:58 +0000 The slider on my SD card popped off I tried putting tape over the place where Best of luck.LisaTue, 22 Jul 2008 01:26:44 +0000 Okay, my problem (with a micro SD card) was that the micro SD -> SD adapter's lock was loose, so when I slid http://hammerofcode.com/memory-card/canon-powershot-sd600-memory-card-error-card-locked.php I will try to use tape but I don't know how.

Do i need to open the card apart and put tape or just outside the card in line with the unlock tab?tifalockMon, 28 Jun 2010 10:41:02 +0000 Outside the SD Card. Camera Says Memory Card Is Locked You can still read the photos from the card. If you can't, either the memory card slot on your camera is damaged or your memory card is corrupted.

I liked that idea, but was too lazy to get a damp cloth, so I licked - yes, licked the sensors on the card, let them dry, put one back in

There are:The original SD cards, which your SD550 supports, with a maximum size of 2 GB.SDHC cards which won't work in devices that don't explicitly support SDHC cards. If anyone has any info that might help, please advise.Thank you.don whitmireMon, 01 Jun 2009 02:49:50 +0000 THANK YOUman the tape thing actually WORKED hahahaha my memory card just broke like The only difference I can see is the tab on the 4g is gray (not white). Canon Powershot A530 Format Memory Card or tape?Chieh ChengWed, 07 Nov 2007 18:38:50 +0000 thanks it works don't know why i did not thought of that first...andyMon, 26 Nov 2007 07:10:36 +0000 Thanks, that worked :) Have

The locking tab has nothing to do with it. What can I do? Share this conversation Expert: RUSSTING replied4 years ago. The sensor that detects where the tab is located is in your device (digital camera). http://hammerofcode.com/memory-card/canon-powershot-s2-is-memory-card-error-card-locked.php Try gently taking the card in and out a few times to see if the switch unsticks.

Bit of sticky tape over the side of the card. Please start a new thread in the forum related to your digital camera brand. yeah for me. 10Renee BerrySun, 27 Jun 2010 19:13:46 +0000 My SD is a couple of years old, & the slide thingy isn't there like the posts stated, it was missing, I have an SD card where the write-protect tab is bright yellow.

Thanks! If you can't read the card, then it's likely it is corrupted or damaged.Chieh ChengMon, 20 Oct 2008 17:14:20 +0000 OMG YOU SAVED MY LIFE! Is there a way I can unlock my card.KimberlySun, 09 Dec 2007 01:09:11 +0000 My memory card says locked. I thought I lost my family photos forever!

thanks to this forum, i solved the card locked... Cat Lover · 7 years ago 0 Thumbs up 0 Thumbs down Comment Add a comment Submit · just now Report Abuse This topic is worth everyone's attention goldie · 3 Thank you, I'm downloading as we speak- PEACE, LOVE and HAPPINESS TO YOU ALL!brandiceFri, 20 Jul 2007 05:46:29 +0000 THANK YOU ALL!!TAPE TRICK JUST WORKED, I just aplied a single layer Had that not worked I was going to blow on it like the old Nintendo cassettes.

I can not afford to loose them. i also bought a new memory card and it still says lock and memory card error. That kinda sucks.......im glad i only paid $15- for the camera. A photo will also help.Chieh ChengThu, 17 Jul 2008 17:14:58 +0000 I had a similar problem with all the cards I tried.

im super excited because i have a party tonight and i need my camera! I did a low-level format on my computer, and all is well again. This will lock the card on any other device. Anyway, with the remarks about horrendous battery useage found elsewhere I shall suggest he doesn't buy it.

Had no idea (old eyes) the SD card even had a switch and the word, "lock" on it.